Hello World,

We’re Michael and Emily, welcome to our site! We’re a young couple seeking to build our family through adoption. We’ve wanted kids for a while but life hasn’t exactly happened on our timeline. Because when does life ever happen on our timelines? We’ve had a lot of adventures, our share of the highs and the lows, and we are ready to share our life with another little person.

We are both teachers, Emily teaches preschool and Michael teaches horsemanship. Along the way we’ve learned lots of lessons about patience, joy, and kids. Being young, later 20s early 30s, we are up to the challenge of sleepless nights, rocking until exhaustion, and the toddler chasing that parenting requires! We are surrounded by friends and family open and excited to help us and cheer us on. Both sets of our parents have been married 30+ years, have made amazing grandparents to our nieces, and have set wonderful examples of lasting strong relationships.

Adoption is a great fit for our family ; we both grew up knowing that family is made up of the people you go through life with regardless if they’re your sister, neighbor, or friend from half way across the world.  We have a number of friends and family members that are either adopted or have adopted. We recognize that adoption is neither easy nor simple but we are committed to this path.

We love that adoption is about building relationships and we’d love to build one with you. If you are currently forming an adoption plan or know someone who is, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope this site gives you a small picture of our lives but we also hope it gives us an opportunity to learn about your life too.  Please also visit our Adoptimist site where we are actively blogging: https://www.adoptimist.com/emily-michael.

We wish you the very best on your journey.

Peace to you,

Emily & Michael

eandmadopting@gmail.com || 703-672-0305 || Northern Virginia



Our lawyer: Sharon Fast Gustafson, Attorney at Law

sf.gustafson@verizon.net ||703-527-0147

Our case worker: Dan Petruso, LCSW

fridayschildadoption@earthlink.net || 540-664-6272