Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

We love you. Always have, always will. It’s as simple as that.

But, since you don’t really know us yet, here are the basics:

Dad is fearless. He’s the guy jumping the fence to see what’s on the other side. He’s the one that’s going to take you on adventures that make Mom a little nervous. If you have a dream, I guarantee he will be twice as excited as you about it. If you want to build something, he’s going to build it with you and Mom is going to cheer. He’s going to teach you to ride a horse, tie knots, dance, and wield a hammer. Dad’s going to talk to you like a grown up but wonder at this wide world with you like a kid…every square inch of it. And, Dad will always, always love you.

Mom is curious. She’s the one always asking the question why or how. If you’re interested in something, Mom is going to find the book that can help us learn all about it. If you’re hungry, Mom is going to feed you (even if you’re not hungry, Mom is probably going to feed you). If you are frustrated, Mom is going to talk you through it. She’s going to listen but she’s also going to help you discover a solution. She’s going to breathe deeply when you decide to jump into the deep end with Dad, but you’re never going to be too big for her to cuddle you. And, Mom will always, always love you.

You’re probably going to roll your eyes at us someday, or be way too cool to be seen in public with us, but never ever forget, we will always, always love you.

Love ya kiddo, we can’t wait to meet you,

Mom & Dad